Velour Ultra Plush


1. How do I qualify for a contest entry?

Purchase one (1) qualifying ROYALE Velour Ultra PlushTM/MC product between Jan 25 – Feb 27, 2021 and upload your proof of purchase at

For in-store purchases, a photo of your receipt is required as proof of purchase. For online purchases, a delivery or pickup confirmation is required as proof of purchase. An online purchase receipt will not be accepted. See #2 below for more details.

Your proof of purchase must clearly show the qualifying product purchased, retailer name, date and transaction total amount. Read the Contest Rules for further details.

You can also enter without purchase by making a No Purchase Entry Request by visiting Once your request has been submitted, the unique NPE PIN will be displayed on-screen and delivered by email to the email address used to register, along with instructions for completing the No Purchase Entry Request. You must then follow the emailed instructions to mail in a unique handwritten original 50-word (minimum) essay on, “What ROYALE® products do you purchase and why?”.

2. How do I submit a proof of purchase from an online retailer?

Order records will not be accepted. You must upload a clear photo or PDF file of your order shipping, delivery or pick-up confirmation record. Be sure your document includes the following information: 

  • Retailer name and website
  • Date your order was placed
  • Date your order was shipped, delivered or picked-up
  • Description and quantity of participating ROYALE Velour Ultra Plush TM/MC product(s) purchased
  • Total dollar value of your full transaction
  • Shipping address

3. When does the Grand Prize draw take place?

The Grand Prize draw will be conducted at approximately 12:00:00 PM (ET) on 27/03/21 in Whitby, ON.

4. When do the Instant Win draws take place?

We’ll reward 10 winners an Instant Win prize of $1,000 randomly throughout the contest period. Winning entries will be selected based on ten (10) randomly predetermined “Winning Times” and a prize will be released each time. Instant win prizes must be claimed by 25/03/21.

5. How do I instantly win*?

When your proof of purchase has been validated, you’ll receive an email that lets you know you have an instant win play available on your profile page. Click the link from your profile page to find out if you’ve won. If so, you must follow the Instant Win Prize Claim Process to receive your prize.

6. What can I win*?

There are two prize denominations to be won. The Grand Prize consists of a $10,000 CAD cheque which the winner may wish to use towards Home Comfort Upgrades** of their choice. The ten Instant Win Prizes each consist of a $1,000 CAD cheque, which also could be used towards Home Comfort Upgrades ** of their choice.

7. Can I submit more than one proof of purchase in a single submission?

No, each individual proof of purchase showing the purchase of qualifying product(s) in a single transaction (at the same time) must be uploaded as individual submissions, within the Offer Period (Jan 25 – Feb 27, 2021).

8. Which ROYALE products may I purchase to qualify for a contest entry and an Instant Win opportunity?

You must purchase any ROYALE Velour Ultra PlushTM/MC product in order to qualify for a contest entry.

Click here to see a list of participating products.

9. How many times can I submit the same valid proof of purchase?

Only once.

10. How many entries can I qualify for?

There is a maximum of ten entries per person, regardless of their entry methods. This is a combined total of no-purchase entries and purchase entries.

11. How do I know if my proof of purchase submission has been received?

When you uploaded your proof of purchase, you should have received an email confirmation. If you don’t see it in your inbox please check your spam or junk folders or any other folder that your email provider may have automatically set up. You can also visit your profile page on the offer website and check the status of your request by logging into your account.

12. When does the contest end?

The last day you can purchase participating ROYALE Velour Ultra PlushTM/MC products is on Feb 27, 2021 at 11:59:59 PM EST.

13. When is the last day to submit the proof of purchase?

The last day to submit your proof of purchase is March 11, 2021.

14. Who can I contact if I have questions?

Please send a detailed email to with your name, email address and phone number and we will respond within 2 – 5 days.